Arctic cooling freezer 13 mounting problems (AMD)

Hi all,

I cannot seem to fit my freezer 13 on my motherboard (AsRock am3+ u3s3). The screws you screw down to the mounting hooks don't seem to reach. Also the mounting hooks don't seem to stay on anyway and I have to hold them. If you look here: (spare parts section) the amd hooks have 3 holes yet I only have one clip thing on my motherboard so they just don't stay on which probably doesn't help when I try to attach the screws.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi mate yeah you have to put the screws on really loose. Don't tighten them , keep the brackets loose then fit the brackets on and quickly tighten one side of the bracket so the cooler is in place. It took me a few attempts to fit my cooler on & my one is really big so was hard to get my hands in.
  2. I bought an Freezer13 for a asrock motherboard the bigger problem is airflow. Mounts on Freezer13 are front and back whilst AMD socket has mounting points left and right of the CPU so the cooler mounts at 45degrees to the airflow through your case which is a bugger.
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