Pcb looks oxidized?

Today, I was cleaning my workspace and desk top for dust. I decided to work on the cable management of my desktop and I noticed the sticker from my 6870 was coming off. Not a big deal, I suspect heat is the cause. But then I looked at the pcb of the card and saw it looked oxidized in some areas. I did a quick google search and saw only one related thread and they said its not a big deal if its still working. Before its shipped out its bathed in a solution which may contribute it. I was wondering what you guys think about it, I'm not very nervous about it but I am concerned. For the record I've done some very mild over clocking, but never kept the values due to artifacts, so yeah...
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  1. Post a pic so we can see what you're looking at,
  2. do you live in a very humid environment? Having a lot of moisture in the air could have an effect over time... I personally have never had an issue with this but it could also be discoloration from heating up and cooling down all the time....i wouldn't be too concerned unless a massive amount of rust starts to build on the pcb but that probably wont hasn't hurt you yet so I am guessing its not gonna to cause an issue.
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    Oxides formed on solder joints are not a cause for alarm. You can clean the gold finger contacts on PCI boards with a pink or green pencil eraser.
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