Sims 3 in xp:Video card grapics not derected?

I just innstalled sims 3 but it cant be played ..They said "Unable to start game. Devise 0 cannot run this title. No supported graphics dertected." What should i do?? should i install it ??? Plz help i really need to play this game :(
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  1. first off give us the specs of your it a laptop? Do you have a dedicated graphics card? If you dont you could be using an older integrated system and it may not be compatible with the sims 3 because its a newer game.
  2. I think "needing" to play this game is a bit of a stretch. Let's line up a cup of water and the game, then lock you up in a cage for 2 days. We'll see which one you head to first.

    See the above post and please provide full system specs, brand, model number, video card brand and model.
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