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Hey guys. I just completed my first build. I just have one question.

I followed the Newegg video when I installed Windows 7. In the video, he says you are supposed to create a partition in your hard drive and install windows to that (back up/restore drive?) I thought that I did this.

However, when I go to my computer, it only shows up as one drive. It isn't split up into 2 drives like his. Does this mean that I don't have a back up drive? Is there any way that i can fix this so that there is an OS drive like he has?

Thanks! I hope this makes sense.. let me know if i need to clarify
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  1. Not everyone at once now.. haha
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    You installed Windows to the entire drive. So, the entire drive is reserved for whatever you do in Windows 7. You can create a partition and install Vista, XP, Linux, or store data on that partition. So, a partition is basically like having multiple HDD's. Also, it is never recommended to backup your drive to itself, e.g. backing up your files to the same HDD/partition. If you get a virus/HDD crashes, you will lose the data+backup. So, get an external drive an backup to that.
  3. Right, it's not necessary. But having a smallish partition to keep a backup and disk image for Windows is a good idea, but as obsama1 says it's better to keep it on another drive entirely.
  4. I recommend keeping 100MB as reserve, because "This will contain all the boot folder and associated files."
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