Linksys WRT54GL firmware with error logging?

Cox Communications comes into the house over an RG6 cable to a a 2-way splitter, one leg amplified for TVs, the other leg straight to a Linksys BEFCMU10 cable modem for internet access. The modem is connected to a Linksys WRT54GL router for the PCs.

BEFCMU10: Hardware Version = v1.0; Software Version = v2.
WRT54GL: Hardware Version = v1.1; Software Version = v4.30.11

The WRT54GL firmware is stock Linksys code which can log addresses but not errors (as far as I can determine).

QUESTION: Is there a WRT54GL firmware lump I can flash into my device that logs network errors it encounters between itself and the BEFCMU10 and that it might be informed of by the BEFCMU10 in its dealings with Cox? I'd want to read that log through the WRT's web UI; ideally I'd want to upload it to my PC. If the firmware logs errors on/from its other ports as well, wonderful.

I need it to sort out what Cox tells me are numerous "modem resets" that they're seeing at their end. The resets are the apparent cause of big slowdowns, we see on our end. I've been advised to replace the modem, but I want to see for myself what's going on before I throw money at it.

By the way, yesterday a Cox tech replaced the 2-way splitter and the short coax from it to my modem, then measured signal strength and said it was in the middle of the "okay range". But I still have the reset problem, and it would be nice to have a tool...
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  2. Emerald said:

    Thank you, Emerald. I should have added that I haven't written a line of code in decades, so I'm shopping for ready-made binaries. The wrt site looks promising.
    -- DB
  3. A week ago I replaced my Linksys cable modem with a new Motorola SB5101U (HW rev 1, FW rev My internet performance immediately stabilized and subsequent calls to Cox confirmed that there are no modem resets.

    The 5101U firmware has a logger (yes!), so I can get a feel for what's happening on my end. After some initial hiccups in partnering up with Cox, there have been five non fatal incidents over the past 8 days and no indication of any resets. IP performance continues to be solid.

    I consider my problem solved. This thread should be closed.

    -- DB
    ps: Thanks again to Emerald for his WRT information. If my router ever goes haywire, I'll consider that option.
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