What do u guys think of this setup?

Hey guys im going to buy a new PC, and trying not to spend much more than $1500.

I already have an Antec True Power 750W PSU and a 27 inch monitor, so i dont need to buy these again.

This is what im looking at, and the price (please note im from australia so the prices may vary a little, but from what ive seen they dont vary too much from the US)

Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI HD 7970 (Overclock Edition) $509
Asus GF GTX670 DirectCU II Edition PCI-E 3.0, 2GB 256-bit DDR5, Base:915 Boost:980/6008 MHz , 2 $508.50
Gigabyte GF GTX 670 OC EDITION PCI-E 3.0 2GB 256-bit DDR5, Base: 980 Boost: 1058/6008 MHz, 2x D $469

CPU: Intel Core i7 2700K Processor LGA1155 3.5GHz CPU $335
Intel CORE i7 3820/3.60GHz/10MB CACHE/LGA2011/4CORES/NO FAN $299
Intel Core i7 3770K/3.50GHz/8MB CACHE/LGA1155 Ivy Bridge $345

MoBo: Gigabyte G1-SNIPER-M3 (if i get the 1155 CPU) $199
Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 (if i get the 2011 CPU) $219

SSD: SanDisk Extreme SSD 120G $99

CASE: CoolerMaster HAF X $189

CPU Cooling: Noctua NH-D14 $86

RAM: Looking for 16 Gigs of ram with the higest frequency available that will fit with the CPU fan mentioned prior (price range around 175 i guess)

Thats the parts im looking at atm. Here are some options related to each part i want:
Graphics Card: Nvidia or ATI? or would u guys recommend a diff card that what i mentioned?
CPU: Im pretty clueless about CPUs, just tell me which is the best that i listed
MoBo: the ones i selected say they support for DDR3 2400(OC)/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules. (does this mean if i get a ramn that says it has 2133, it will work??
SSD: im open to any suggestions as i dont know what brand is best etc
Case: the only question i have is this case or antec twelve hundred instead?
CPU Cooling: i really want this, but let me know if u know better for the price
RAM: id prefer the best setup for OC, which i assume is 2X 8 gig sticks, but let me know what u think is the best option.

To sum up, im pretty unsure about alot of things, and im open to suggestions, let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for your time
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  1. What will this computer do? New Ivy/z77 mobo is better way to go- Will you be using Photoshop or other video apps? If not i5 will work great for games. If just gaming GTX670 is a good choice.
  2. i5 3570K
    mb with a Z77 chipset
    2 x4 gig of 1600 MHz 1.5 volt or less RAM
  3. this machine will be used for gaming, forgot to mention sorry
  4. Looks good, I would get the Ivy Bridge CPU, it crushes the competition:



    The GTX 670 would also be my recommendation, I would get the cheaper one since it's factory overclocked.

    The HAF X is a really nice case, but it's a little expensive form my tastes (You can get nice cases for under $100). But if you're set on it, I'm not going to tell you it's a bad idea.

    As far as SSD's go, the Sandisk is a good, 2nd gen sandforce based SSD that gets good reviews on newegg. OCZ makes good SSD's (vertex 3/4), but that one is fine.

    For your CPU cooler, I personally would go for something a little cheaper (how much are you planning on overclocking this thing?), I'm a big fan of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (about $34). I have the 212+ (predecessor to the Evo) and it works really well.

    I don't think it would make too much of a difference whether you get 2 8GB DIMM's or 4 4GB DIMMS, unless you decide to go LGA 2011, which supports quad channel memory. Then you'd want to get 4 DIMM's.
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