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I'm building a PC, and wanted to hear some input on rear-exhaust vs dual fan GPUs. I will have the Fractal R3, and no side fan. Because of that, I think a rear-exhaust might be better, but rear-exhaust fans are single fans and can have higher temperatures. I was considering the ASUS DirectCUII 7850, but am open to other suggestions. No, no 670s, because that is OUT of my price range.

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  1. Well I have a Thermaltake MK-1 case and I have 3 well 4 if you count the push pull fan on the back. One 200mm exhaust out the top and one 120mm at the bottom and the two push pull 120mm out the back.

    My intake fans are one 200mm at the top, front, and the side. I have very good air flow. If you have enough air vents then pushing air I feel should be the thing to do.

    Because if you are sucking air out then air has to come in so venting hot air in my opinion is better But of course air in and air out is the way to really go. If you can get a exhaust fan above your cards then do it.

    I hope that has help you a little. One more thing you could mod your case cut parts out to put in fans. I see it all the time. Just a thought. Cheers
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    I understand the concern but after owning both I have no hesitation in going dual fan even if it is vented into the case.

    The particular card you are looking at is a good one too. I have a Direct CU 6870 and it is the best video card I have ever owned. It is totally silent and has yet to break 60c degrees.

    I was looking at other video cards however the super alloy capacitors and chokes is what sold me on ASUS.
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