Computer Locks up while Gaming - LOUD buzzing noise.

So I have what seems to be a relatively common issue, but none of the fixes I've found by searching the interweb have worked. Basically, I'll be sitting here playing a video game, then it'll freeze at the last frame rendered and my speakers will emit a loud and highly terrible buzzing noise (which I think, based on past research, is just the last little nugget of audio being looped for lack of further input)

I built my PC in April, I work at a computer store and have daily access to a technician who's been helping me troubleshoot - Memtest comes up fine, I've installed a UPS to clean up my power feed...nothing is or has ever been overclocked.

My rig:
i5-2500k w/ Corsair H80, 2x Noctua Fans on Rad
Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
2x4gb Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 (running at 1333 for the purposes of troubleshooting)
Corsair TX650m PSU
Sapphire HD 7870
2x 120gb Sandisk Extreme (Raid0) boot
1x WD Cav Blue 1tb
Case=Corsair Carbide 300r w/ 2x120mm Noctua Case fans (all 4 noctuas are ULN, but the ambient temp in the case rarely rises more than 5 degrees above room temperature)

This issue only seems to occur while playing Mass Effect 3 or BF3. I run this stuff highest possible settings, and these are the most graphically demanding games I play (it never happens, for example, when playing MW3 or CSS). Like I said, I've installed a UPS...CPU and case never seem to get that hot. I don't know how to log temperatures from my CPU/GPU, which I'd like to do in order to see if heat is an issue.

I have the most up to date BIOS, Catalyst drivers, sound drivers, rapidstorage drivers...looking for some help here from someone who has solved this!

Thanks in advance
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  1. Try plugging your computer into the wall socket instead of the UPS. Try the games again. Let me know if you still have problems.
  2. I only installed the UPS last week, the problem has existed since I built the thing.

    Update: It passes furmark with max AA at 1920x1200, but failed Prime95. Probably should have tried that in the first place, but it passed memtest so I figured the memory was good to go. Will have technician test ram in his testbed and post results!
  3. What Catalyst drivers are you using? I know you said latest but what version? 12.4, 12.6?
  4. 12.3..and I downloaded them from the AMD website. Wonder if that's user fail or website fail ><

    Had my tech test my RAM, couldn't get it stable at stock voltage and speed. Going to downclock to 1333 and raise the voltage to 1.7 (stock 1.65) - I don't care much about the memory clock as long as it's stable lol
  5. I was reading the forums and only registered here so I could give you the solution I found when I had exactly the same problem. Some games (mainly source based) were fine, but others would always guarantee to lock the machine up with the same symptoms as yours.

    The fault turned out to be the PSU. Although it was good quality (OCZ I recall) and 750W and passed on a PSU tester, changing it cured the problem.

    I don't think a UPS will help as it will only clean up the supply to the PSU, not the output. And these PSU testers will will only check its voltage under load, not how noisy the output is. As you have access to spares to play with, you have nothing to lose by swapping it out.

    Let us know if it fixes it.
  6. I am not the least bit surprised that your issue stemmed from the power supply if you had an OCZ - they are marketed as high end stuff but the reality is very different. At our store, we keep them hidden away on top of a shelf and refuse to sell them to anyone unless they are insistent that they know what they're getting into lol, the return rate on them is enormously higher than other power supplies (their solid state drives are the same way). We prefer the higher end corsairs (manufactured by seasonic, ie ax tx and hx series) or actual branded seasonic PSUs. That said, its possible I have a lemon.

    I think I've actually solved it though. Its a shite solution, but I think it was my memory so I have it stable @1333 and 1.7v. If it crops up again though, the PSU will get changed out. Thanks TH for helping me troubleshoot!
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