Motherboard Help!

Im looking for a certain motherboard that reaches my requirments for my new gaming rig!

Im looking for a Crossfire / SLI enabled motherboard with OverClocking Abilities, for my i5 3570k

My price range is $100 - $150, i need something quality to put my precious compents in, so don't post anything crappy!

Thanks in advanced!

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    Here you go. Asus P8Z77-V. Good for overclocking, plus SLI support, plus a solid product from a reputable manufacturer, and best of all, in your price range! Check out similar models (Z77s) from Gigabyte and Asrock if you don't like Asus.
  2. if you are buying it today get the asrock z77 extreme4(winner of the tomshardware sub 160$ mobo competition), the other 2 boards following it are the Biostar tz77xe3 and the gigabyte z77x-d3h for price to performance value.
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