Is this Graphics card compatible with the Motherboard???

Im looking to build a desktop in the near future, and am browsing benchmarks to find the best value for money on parts.
Im not looking to spend more than £120 on a graphics card and at the moment im looking at the Radeon HD 6850. My question is, is this compatible with the Asus M5A97 Motherboard?
thanks in advance,
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  1. Yes. Most current consumer cards are PCI Express, which most current motherboards support, including the Asus M5A97.
  2. Many thanks, any idea what RAM is compatible with that motherboard too? I believe it has 4 slots, but for the meantime i only want to purchase 8gb of RAM, can you give me a suggestion on value for money too please!
  3. Most DDR3 memory should be fine (preferably dual-channel) but if you want to be absolutely certain go here and download the memory support pdf:

    Here's the official line from the specifications:
    4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 2133(O.C.)/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz ECC, Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory Dual Channel Memory Architecture
  4. so any ddr3 ram will work?
    finally when looking for a HDD, is theyr any particular type i need to look for that will work with my motherboard?
  5. Should do. You could check some reviews like this one to see which ram they've used.

    For a HDD, look for a Sata 6Gb/s 7200rpm drive, 1TB or larger. Hitachi, Western Digital, Seagate or Samsung are the common ones.
  6. does this look appropriate?
    and sorry to keep asking questions, but if i were to tell you the list of components i planned to buy would you be able to recommend how much wattage the power supply would need?
  7. It's only 5900rpm, so it'll be a bit slow compared to a 7200rpm drive.

    Ask as many questions as you want, that's what we're all here for.

    The component list would be handy. Also, what is your intended budget for the build, and what is the primary use for the PC (eg gaming, video editing etc)?

    Another 5 pounds will get you the 7200rpm version:
  8. ah thanks, yeah thats definitely a much better choice!
    here's the part list im looking at,
    Motherboard Asus M5A97 (pro?) £68
    Processor AMD FX 6100 Six Core 3.3Ghz £103
    Case & PSU CM Centurion 5ii w/ 650W PS £89.00
    Graphic Card Radeon HD 6850 £92
    RAM G Skill 2x4gb ddr3 1600mhz £40
    HDD SG 2TB HDD £85
    Optical Drive Samsung DVD RW £15

    and price wise, my parents are prepared to pay £400 towards it, so trying to keep things minimal. together that comes to 500 which im happy with. and i'll be using it for gaming.

    another thing, the case i plan to get come with a 650W PSU, is that going to be sufficient?
  9. The PSU should be fine, you only need more if you're using dual GPUs.
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