PLS HELP! Overheating MSI R6870 Twin Frozr II

My MSI 6870 Twin Frozr II, after months and months of no issues, overheats as soon as I start playing anything. I've blown out the tower and the video card with compressed air. The fans seem fine, but it idles at 60-70c and hits 100c and shuts comp down after 30 mins of usage.

How can I fix this problem? It's still a great card, and I wouldn't be able to replace it for less than $200. Is there anything I can do?
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    sounds like a bad card. You may want to RMA it
  2. check to make sure the heatsink is still properly attached....maybe a screw came loose and the contact between the gpu and sink isnt good anymore other than what rockdpm said thats about it. Its either bad or the heatsink came loose (unlikely but possible)
  3. is it on stock settings? and is your case getting enough air flow?
  4. I'll dig up the reciept and see if the card is still under MSI warrenty. It should be, I think it is 3 years from purchase date.

    The card is on stock settings, but is factory overclocked. I think I am getting enough airflow, I haven't had any probs with CPU overheats and the air coming out of the case is cool.
  5. yeah, i guess you should remove the card, and see if the whole gpu is still in one piece and if anything is either jamming the fans or the heatsink is attached properly. at the most, change the fan speeds
  6. yea that sounds like either card is bad or bad contact between the gpu and heatsink...if the air was warm coming out the back then the card is just producing alot more heat then the sink can dudewitbow said pull the card out and give it a look over if all appears well I would RMA it
  7. The card was purchased May 2011, so it looks like I will be able to send it in for repair. Thank you to everyone who responded!!
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  9. Glad i could help man. If you have any further questions. Just ask!
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