Is the upgrade worth it?

I might upgrade from an athlon ii x3 450 to a Phenom ii x4. Is the performance different going to be significant when gaming compared to my current processor? Will a phenom bottleneck a 7870?

CPU: Athlon ii x3 450
Mobo: Asrock 880gm-le
PSU: Corsair cx500
GPU: XFX DD 7870
Ram: 4gb Gskill Ripjaws
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  1. Hi :)

    The quad is well worth the upgrade, and will be fine for the gpu...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The Phenom wouldn't bottleneck that card, but i think its worth saving your money and just upgrading your whole machine in the future, as i don't think the performance will be worth it.
  3. The Phenom II might get you another year out of your system until it will be time to upgrade your board and CPU again
  4. The mobo is slower for phenom2 and 7870.wait for one or two months ucan buy 7950 at 7870 cost.surely price drop due to 8xxx series arival.
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