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Help in Understading Computers and Components

Please Help me

overall i have a relatively rudimentary understanding of computer and their parts ie. I understand what ram, memory, Gb, and other simple specs. But thing like DDR3, different formats, Cas Latency, and processors I don't truly understand. So i was wondering if there are any really good sites or books I could read to get a better understanding of computer systems and how they are measured. In the end I want to understand computers better in concept of how all their determining factors work together.

When I tried to find detailed information on how computers work all I got was incredibly simple things like click means to open, so obviously i didn't find what I was looking for.

In any case thank you for any help you can give
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    There are books that help you understanding computers but such specific subjects. You can either try wikipedia or ask one of your friends that is good in informatic. Everything takes time to know. Everything i know about computers took me a long time to learn and there's so much things i don't even know because i don't think they are useful in my case.

    - The Brownie
  2. yes but there has to be some sort of a textbook, handbook, solid website that centralizes info on this stuff, and since in a few months i was thinking of dropping around $1500 on a completely new computer set up i wanted to learn a lot more on computers as i build a custom setup.
  3. Search in toms form before asking question.
    wikipedia give more info about processor gpu etc...
    or simply watch youtube videos.
  4. Brother, the internet. That's all I can see. Years have googling & reading online has taught me all sorts of standards, what to buy and what to avoid, and how to tell whats good and what's perfect for your usage. I can seriously tell you right now how a processor is made & how it works right now, just from the internet. Take your free time, save cash, and just search away my friend!
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  6. boo that sucks i was hoping there would be a more centralized straight forward way to understand a learn all this stuff

    even though you all gave me the same answer i have to give it to Bromeh because he was first
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