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Would it be possible to run a water cooling loop through two separate cases. I want to keep all of the pumps, reseviors and radiators in their own case to show it off separately. I don't care about practical or any of that stuff, just if it can be done and would one pumps be able to pump liquid through a res, radiator, and one cpu/gpu block on each loop (two planned). Any help given is much appreciated. Also, and case recommendations to put all the radiators and pumps in?
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  1. I already seen what you are talking about on youtube with highly expensive water loops with very expensive pc's. I you are running a normal loop (cpu only) then you don't need that stuff. Just run the loop in your pc. Those case are homemade I GUESS so it may not be easy to do.

    - The Brownie
  2. I plan on running a full water cooled pc: gpu's, cpu, motherboard, RAM, etc. This is why I am looking into the 2nd case, keep as much clutter out of each case as I can.
  3. Ok hummm .... wow. It may be possible but, as i said, you may have to do it yourself. Instead you can buy one of those big boxes cases :

    He did a triple loop cooling (almost as you want to) and it looks pretty clean

    That way should be easier i guess
  4. I have a very VERY large case in mind just incase the multi case setup is too in practical to work with,
  5. 500$ for that case ... wow

    at least there's lot of room at the top for rads pumps and reservoirs :P

    i thinks you still can have something a little cheaper no ? ahah because getting a case 300-350$ more expensive because there's more room ?? hell no

    - The Brownie
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