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New water cooling

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August 10, 2012 6:41:06 AM

Hi, I am about to start a new water cooling build and just want to clear up a couple things for reassurance. I'm using the nzxt 810 for my build, and I'm going to be water cooling my cpu (3770k) and my gpu (680) for sure. My worry is should I also go ahead and water cool my nb and sb too? Will the mb get to hot if I'm water cooling everything and dont have any airflow directly on it? I'm skipping over water cooling the ram and the hdds I think that is damn near useless.

prob going to go wih a 360 and 240 rad, 1 pump, and 1 res. run it something like this: Res->pump->360 rad->cpu->240 rad->gpu->Res. Will this make the water in Res to warm if I end with the gpu?

Was going to go with Swiftech MCP655 pump, and 2 black ice radiators 1x360 and 1x240, still unsure about the res. and fittings, going to look into it more as I get closer to purchasing. Can 1 pump handle this loop? I can't really find any blocks for Z77....

Sorry for all the questions I just really want to make sure I'm doing it right.

Thank you very much for any help!

Case: nzxt 810 switch
PSU: Seasonic 1000 Platinum
Mb: Gigabyte z77 up4
CPU: Intel i7-3770k
Ram: Corsair Dominator 16gb (4x4)
GPU: Evga Classified 680 (4gb)
hdds: 2tb WD black
ssd: intel 128gb

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August 10, 2012 6:52:17 AM

As long as theres sufficient airflow through the case, the Motherboard heatsinks should be fine. You will need airflow through it since the radiator fans will be blowing out anyway.

As far as I'm aware, the order of components in a water loop doesn't matter as the water is moving too quickly to become hot in a particular area. I dont know for sure but it comes from Linus of NCIX Tech Tips (very popular store in Canada/USA), so I'd be inclined to believe him.
Speaking of NCIX, they did a water cooling build video series, heres the link to the first one.

As for the quality of components, I have no clue. I dont keep up with custom water cooling equipment. All I know is that you cant have anything made of Aluminium.
August 11, 2012 12:43:18 PM

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August 12, 2012 9:41:26 PM

I want to water cool the nb gpu and cpu, does any1 know of any z77 water blocks?