2 Seprate audio outputs at once? (Azio Levetron MECH5 vs Logitech G110

I had absolutely no idea where to put this, there was no section for keyboards so I thought I'd put it here.

I'm having a very very hard descision between these two keyboards:

Azio Levetron MECH5 keyboard (on sale for $90)
Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard (on sale for $70)

I've done extensive research on both, and still have a hard time deciding. I need some questions answered to help me decide.

1) The Logitech keyboard has a built in sound card and audio jacks. I was thinking I could use my headset connected to my computer, to use the mic to send audio and to only hear player voices, and then use the logitechs keyboard to connect a headphone, where I would output audio from a soundboard from a web browser so I could do some online soundboard trolling. I did this before on the xbox, using my PC as the soundboard audio, but I'm wondering if it's possible on just the PC, specifically using this keyboard. If yes, then I will most likely get this keyboard.

2) What type of keys do the Logitech G110 use? The Azio uses Cherry Black MX which is apparently the best to use for gaming, doing extensive google searching to no avail I have not found what type of keys it uses.

The size is really my biggest concern for the Azio, with the detachable numpad attached, it becomes an insane 24" wide keyboard, where as the G110 is average being 19". The Azio also has two 1" wide things on the side which are used to connect the numpad, which is extremely aesthetically displeasing, if I could completely take it off without damaging it then that would be a big plus. At the same time, I'm wondering if the G110 being compact is a bad thing, because the keys will be too small. I've been using the Smart Office Keyboard (aka Dumb Piece of Crap, seen below) for years now and the keys on it are fairly large, it measures at 19.5". I don't have big fingures or hands so I'm sure I could get used to the keys on the G110 IF they are smaller, but since I'm so used to this keyboard I can type sentenes without even glancing at it.

Also, I'm going to be using whatever I end up getting for my current Win XP Pro 32 bit computer for now until I get my new , x20 better computer. The drivers for the Azio are fine for my system but the G110 has been known to have driver problems, mainly because it uses basic windows drivers and not their own. If anyone knows if it would conflict with my current pc then that would be very helpful.
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