Problem: No more than two wireless pc's !


I have a Dlink Dl-524 router.
I use it to give internet for one stationary pc and to send wi-fi to all my flat. Some time ago there was only one laptop, but when i turned on together the laptop and the stationary pc, sometimes, i got connection losts in laptop.

Now we (my family) have two laptops and an ipod touch. All of these need wi-fi, but it doesn't seem to work.
The wired (stationary) pc works well all the time. One of the laptops works well, but if we try to turn the internet on both of them at one time - *** happens... I mean - connection losts, no connectivity, ect.
The ipod doesn't support this wifi at all. :)

What could be this problem related with? Why i cannot connect no more than one pc via wi-fi? :)

And - sorry for my english. I'm not a IT specialist or smt. Hope, you understood what the problem is about. :)
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  1. have you tried using WPA wireless mode instate of WEP?
  2. I've just tried this, and it helped!
    Thank you so much!

    But now, there is another problem. The router is in the room A (let's call it like that). One of the laptops is in the room B and it works really good now. But another laptop, which travels all arround the flat, works great in all areas EXCEPT room A (the one with the router).

    In short - i get connection losts, if I use my laptop in the room, where the router is.

    Any ideas? :)
  3. and still...
    There is the problem with laptops. I was wrong to say that WPA connection helped. Still, both laptops get connections losts. :)
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