What PSU should I choose, if it can run..

Somewhat as the title says, I'm looking to get a new CPU for my computer.
Here's what I will be running (sorry some of the products I don't have the exact models or brand names for, I'm not currently in the same city)

Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H
128 SSD boot disk
two 640GB hard drives
XFX HD 6990

I am currently using a 600w Thermaltake PSU, I can't remember the model.
I am fairly sure due to upgrading to the hd 6990 I will need to upgrade my PSU. Here are my choices:

If it would run perfectly fine:
Silverstone SST- ST60F

Other choice:
FSP Raider Series 750W 80Plus Bronze

I am in New Zealand and these are the power supplies currently within my price range.
Cheers for the help.
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    What CPU you upgrading to? I recommend you try getting atleast a 800 watt.. the 6990 or really any DUAL GPU card can consume some power like nothing.. the 690 is a bit better at it than most but for the most part that 6990 is whats gonna need the power. Most CPU's youd upgrade to (Unless your doing 2011) won't need a whole ton of extra power even with a slight OC. but a good quality 850 watt is recommended
  2. Ah sorry I meant to say I was upgrading the GPU, the GPU is being upgraded to that 6990, my CPU shall stay the same.
  3. Also possibly looking at a Seasonic M12D 850W
    However it is a fair bit more expensive.
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  5. Glad we were able to help! If you ever have any further questions let us know
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