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7970 vs GTX 680 vs CFX 6970s

Hey people I currently have two 6970s in Crossfire which is an amazing setup im not gonna lie and I only got it like last month, but I am having alot of problems with Crossfire drivers and such (I'm sure you know what I mean). So I just need some advice if you think I should attempt to sell them both on eBay for like 250 each (is that about right?) and get either a 7970 or a gtx 680, or just stick with the crossfire and deal with all the issues?

Also I currently get a fluent 100 fps on Ultra in bf3 @ 1920x1080, which seems to be the only game I have that likes crossfire. Will I be able to keep similar settings with a single card upgrade?
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  1. which other game do you even play that needs more power than one 6970?
  2. metro 2033 and crysis 2. and skyrim just plays like absolute **** on my system, worst optimization i have ever seen in a game
  3. TERRIBLE microstuttering in skyrim and just generally bad frame rates, having issues with temperatures passing 90c. i tried afterburner but i can not get it to change fan speed on 2nd gpu i tried everything. Metro has the occasional microstutter also as well as Crysis 2. Hell I have a single GTX 550 Ti that plays skyrim about as well as cfx 6970s minus the microstutter
  4. So what I am asking is do you think I will similar enough performance with this: compared to my current rig and it will eliminate all the issues crossfire has presented?
  5. The 7970? Sure why not.
  6. If i am OCing what?
  7. Am i OCing what? dual 6970s or gtx 550 ti? or do you mean if i am planning on OCing the 7970?
  8. nope no OC at all, the main issues are temperature, fan speeds and really bad microstutter/unstable frame rates in almost every game except bf3
  9. you should have no problem maxing out skyrim on 1 6970. As for the crysis 2, you can play on dx9 and not lose any graphical detail.
  10. I have tried that several times with each card so im sure its not that one is defective.
  11. Yeah Skyrim is alright maxed out on one, about 50 fps. But nonetheless I dont lose any money selling both and getting a single 7970 and then OCing it, but is it worth it is what Im asking, cuz I've heard if you OC the 7970 it performs only a few fps behind CFX 6970s
  12. Why wouldn't you just RMA it instead of selling it ?
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    If you plan on sticking with AMD then the single card 7970 is great option for you.

    If you want just pure performance the GTX 680.
  14. Get a gtx 670 it's cheaper and as good as a 7970
  15. 90 Degrees is extremely hot for a 6970, something sounds wrong there. If they are second hand cards you should probably clean out the heat sinks with some compressed air.

    A CF 6970 combo should beat a 7970 or 680 in most instances, hell that card isn't that old.
  16. The 6970s I have are not second hand and the heat sinks are not dirty at all they are almost brand new. They will hit 90 in most games if i leave the fans on auto, manual its fine but not auto.
    I decided I think I will sell them both and get rid of all these screen tearing, fan, and microstutter issues and get an MSI Lightning 7970 and just OC it past the performance of a GTX 680
  17. +1 iyzik,

    Single card solution is your safest recommendation.
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