Case fan, please help..

Hi guys, Please help me i have a core i3 CPU. and each of their cores show:


and i bet this is high enough, or please tell me if this is just normal. By the way, im planning to install a fan at the back of my computer case like this pic.. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">

Please tell me how do i know what volts i should buy in the market and if this solution would help minimize my temperature even just a bit? Im really new to these things please help me. Thank you so much.. =)
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  1. i would recommend a fan at the rear and a fan at the front so you will have some airflow in the case,this will help reduce the temps in general,do you have any fans in the case??i will add a link for a coolermaster 120mm case fan below,this is just a suggestion
  2. But, i cant put a fan in the front since the front part of my case is closed only at the side there is a fan and at the back. So my fan positions right now are at the side and at the back of the case. Also, i don't know where to buy that kinds of fans here in the Philippines, i always look for that kind of fans here, and i cant find one.
  3. now, when i have installed another fan at the back, it seems like nothing changes in my temperature when playing a game like FIFA 13, my cores go like 70, 68, 69, 68..
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