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Dual Monitor help

Sorry if I overlooked any threads that answer this didnt see anything when I searched the forums. Any ways I want to set up my monitor for checking internet or media control while playing games on my TV. I have played with Radeons ATI catalyst for a while and couldnt figure out how to do this. I can get it so i can scroll the mouse through the side of the page or top. What I would like is to have it be a key or key combination to switch between monitors. Is there a way to have it set up like that?

I have a xfx DD 7950
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  1. By "switch between monitor" do you mean the display content of the monitors are swapped?

    Or switch which windows are displayed in a particular monitor without moving the mouse? For this case, you can try pressing Windows + tab in which case, you can see the windows rolling & choose what you want to have in front.
  2. Well thats kinda fun lol. I would like to have it so say im playing a game and want to change movie or alter netflix on the other monitor. Is there a way to have each monitor be separated by a key command instead of moving the mouse through the side of the monitor. For an example

    Instead of it being 1|2 right next to each other i want it to be be seperate until i enter a keyboard command like alt+F5. Sorry if im not explaining well I dont know the appropriate jargon for what im asking.
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    Well... that is something I want to have myself but I don't know too. When gaming, the mouse cursor is usually gone when the gaming screen is active in full screen & the only way to make it re-appear is to "Alt"+"tab". But that is cumbersome at the least.

    Sorry I can not help at the moment but I am also interested in finding the answer to your question. Let us see if someone who knows comes to this thread.

    By the way, have you tried Windows+"tab" or "alt"+"tab" while gaming? I do not have a PC game installed in my laptop so I just run ppt on slide show & tried it. It seems I can swap windows on my second monitor that way but I do not know if it works while the game is in full screen.
  4. I have this desire cause im a security guard and the monitor system we use in order to go to the top or bottom monitor you just press Right alt+Page up to switch between monitors entirely. I would love a set up like that.
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