A 9 screen Eyefinity with 9 3D windows...

Ok, this belongs in the fields of extremes but it is something I am actually building right now.

I have an application for which I will have 9 screens in a 270 degree circle. Each screen will have a window with it's own 3D context (Google Earth plugin). The 3D context plugin's are all placed side by side on a single browser page and controlled by javascript. I could do this with separate computers but the network lag is unacceptable to me. (Yes I heard of Liquid Galaxy but that is not quite what I am trying to achieve)

Tests have shown I can perfectly sync up 9 instances of Google Earth on my 3 screen computer be it that the whole contraption runs at a mere 4 fps using a HD7950

My plan is to build a Windows PC that contains three HD7970 cards. Attach 3 displays per card and have all displays in portrait and joining a single Eyefinity group.

I have many questions here:

1 -Were is the most likely bottle neck?
2 - Will the 3 GPU's all do work and if so, how does work get allocated to the GPU?
3 - Do I need to use Crossfire and if so, will Eyefinity still work. I heard rumors that it doesn't
4 - Is it even possible to attach 9 screens to the three cards and have them all working?

I would very much appreciate any input on this ridiculous but cool configuration.
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    Wont be able to answer all your questions but will answer what I can. Crossfire will work with EyeFinity, however when you do crossfire, only the outputs on one video card work. If you have 3 7970's and want to connect screens to all 3, you will not be able to EyeFinity, they will have to run as seperate displays. In order to create an EyeFinity group all the displays have to be connected to one video card. (You might want to consider one of the EyeFinity 6 cards that can handle 6 displays per card.)
  2. now that i want to see!!!
    make sure you are getting a higher end cpu (probably i7) thats the only bottleneck i can think of
    also like the above poster mentioned you are going to want to get a card that has that many displays on it
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