Need help on picking a pc case!

So I'm doing a new build and have all my core components
i7 3770k
noctua nh-d14
8gb corsair vengeance low profile ddr3 1600
evga geforce gtx 690
corsair force series gt 120gb sdd
1tb wd caviar black hdd
corsair 1050w hx psu
I just need a case and I'm not a fan of all those flashy cases with bright leds and aggressive gaming looking cases. I was looking into a few already
Fractal design define r4
Fractal design define xl
corsair 650d, 550d and 500r
bitfenix shinobi
bitfenix colossus
I want a classy looking case with good airflow but also quiet. Any help or suggestions will be great
Thanks!! :)
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  1. How much u want to spend in case.
  2. Well any of those cases are great, although if you're going to do custom water cooling someday or SLI, you'll want to go with a quality case like the corsair 650D. But if you give us a budget maybe we can suggest a good case for your money.

    By the way, are you planing to do SLI in the future? Because the Crosair 1050HX is a lot even for a single GTX 690.
  3. I might do sli but not for a while maybe in another year or longer. and For the price I'm willing to go at least $230usd but that's stretching it.
  4. Then corsair 650D is great, great quality case and looks very sleek. But I'm not sure if it will handle the heat of 2 GTX 690 because it doesn't have side ventilation.

    Edit: I'm sorry I didn't know Corsair sells a mesh side panel for the 650D, so if you're going for a SLI and you need more airflow you can buy this:
  5. Yeah I really like the looks of that case but I also thought of that problem.
    What about the Bitfenix colossus window? I like how it has a door to cover the optical drives and you could put a 120/140mm fan on the side. You can also do this with all the other cases I mentioned. Take a look at the new Fractal Design define xl r2. It's not out yeat but looks like it can be pretty good with airflow.
  6. The Fractal XL R2 looks good, like the R4 but bigger. And i think it has potential for water cooling. I don't know about the Bitfenix Colossus, seems like it has a lot of plastic and maybe is not to the par to other cases in that price range.
  7. Yeah it does look like a good case. I've seen some review on the R4 and read some good things about it. Even Tiny Tom Logan recommends it haha If you watch his videos? Would you prefer the h100i or the noctua nh-d14 or a watercooling kit from xspc? I'm not really a big fan of watercooling even though it looks really cool.
  8. Damn you, your choice is too plain..
    I can only suggest Cool-Master HAF Full-Tower or Mid-Tower depending on what you need..

    Sry don't really like plain Case so cant suggest one among you choose
  9. Case – Corsair Graphite 600t White Edition

    I realize that this case might be to much for you i am going to recommend it anyway it's not to busy with leds and all that it's sexy yet at the sametime classy, when it comes to computer cases, there really are only a few that can match the elegance of the Corsair Graphite 600T. With its sleek high gloss plastic accents, the 600T gives off that “wow” feeling, making it worthy of any enthusiast system. As usual with Corsair cases, they’ve done a terrific job at maximizing space in the case as well, so you should have no trouble getting everything to fit nicely. Corsair has always been masters of innovative cable management design as well and on the 600T, you’ll see nothing less.
  10. Silverstone Tek Extended ATX/ATX/SSI-CEB Full Tower Case with 90-Degree Motherboard Mounting and Window Side Panel - RV03B-WA (Black/Gray)
  11. Thanks bigcyco1 I'm looking at those cases and the corsair 600t is not bad its pretty nice!
  12. What about the cooler master storm trooper? Its a pretty cool looking case, doesn't have a crazy look to it and I'm sure it has great airflow.
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    Yes it's a great case as well.I use to have it only reason i changed it was for watercooling reasons.I did not want to bother with modifying it to lazy lol.
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