Wi-Fi Router Proxy set up need help.

Hey guys im using a wi-fi router TP-LINK WR340G...I really need help on how to Port Forward it and or Proxy it... thanks :)
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  1. hmm its been 3 days still no answers?
  2. As I know, it's impossible to make proxy settings in a router.
    If you want to use proxy, you can install a proxy software like CCProxy, Wingate, Nginx etc on a computer. CCProxy is easy to use, Wingate can support transparent proxy, Nginx? not recommended, I have not used it. :pt1cable:
  3. ok thanks i was wondering if i could do that......cause every time i try to use a proxy i lose internet connection...
  4. "every time i try to use a proxy i lose internet connection"? strange...
    So why you want to use a proxy, for Internet sharing or to bypass some restrictions?
    And are you using a public proxy get from Internet or a local proxy server built by yourself on the LAN?
  5. Once i used to just put the proxy IP to the Internet Option configs.... but now i do not know how to do it anymore
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