Having major issues with my laptop, alot of errors, shuts itself down, and takes

hi,my name is Kenni, Ive been having a problem with my laptop.Its an asus and its only a year old. I pretty much only play games on it and talk with my children on facebook, and work a little bit. I like to research different things and am afraid ive stumbled on a bad site, it will no longer troubleshoot, download any games, if it does its rare and takes HOURS, i continuously receive errors on everysingle page i try and open,it wont "update" itself anymore, and its behind 29 important updates, I am unable to purchase an antivirus as times are extremely tough. Ive tried cleaning,defragging,and tried a # of support services. The free virus downloads mite help, if i could only complete "A" download? im severely frustrated cuz im bedridden and have a couple weeks of laziness and cannot even play a game?? PLEASE HELP!!
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  1. Hi!
    If you're experiencing problems with browsing, you could try to install another browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome if the errors don't prevent you to download them... If they do, then you have to find an alternative way to get them to your computer. A friend with a pendrive? Or if you can accept email-attached files, I'm willing to send you a Firefox installer, we can exchange email address in private message.

    You should also give a try to Microsoft's free antivirus software called "Microsoft Security Essentials"

    If it's not updating automatically, can't you initiate the update process? Do you get any error messages, when it fails?
  2. From your description it definitely sounds like something is messed up. Are you unable to download anything at all? What site did you visit that you believe you is the culprit?
  3. Why dont you just do a fresh install of your OS?
  4. you could scan on line with trend micro, f-secure or bit defender
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