I need help

So i had all my stuff running perfect on my old otherboard except that one ram slot was not working

althron 6x x2 dual core 5200 2.8ghz
mcp61sm-gm board
1x 2gb ddr2 ram
gforce gtf 550 ti grfx card
550 power supply.

everything ran smooth
i bought a new board so i can use both ram slots, this one is almost the same as old board just different volatage
old ws 1.0 new is 3.0

new one is AMD CPU.Socket AM2+.GeForce6100PM-M2(3.0).DDR2 MicroATX MotherBoard
with listed above ram,power supply,cpu and grfx card

everything installed nice and it all runs, but here is where the funny stuff happens.
i pluged it all in and got it working, and i did the windows respec.
it was

cpu 5.9
ram 5.0
grfx 7.5
grfx 7.5
cd 5.9

now with new board and 2x ram it says

cpu 5.9
ram 7.0
grfx 6.0
grfx 6.0
cd 5.9

kind of weird but i thought okay fine what ever its just numbers for grfx card.
when i go to run any games now or go to respec the grfx card starts to rev up real fast and screen goes black and says
windows kernal error for nvida gtx 550 with driver xx.xxx it has failed and recovered.
i have tired multiple drivers all with same results.

i have never had this on old mobo at all.
so i just reinstalled windows fresh delelted everything, reinstalled all current drivers for mobo from ecs.com site
and then installed all current drivers for gtx 550 from msi site and still same problem. i even tried the older drivers that the cd
came with and that still doesnt work.
i opened msi afterburner which is a monitor program for my grfx card, and everytime i open a gam or do respec
my temp goes from 40c to mid 70's
and gpu is 99% then blam that error again

i watched this stuff before on old motherboard and it never went above 45c ever and gpu was decently low.

i have been browsing internet trying to find solutions but cant find a single one..
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  1. I would install the latest drivers for that board on the manufacturers website.

    If that don't work, take the 1 stick of ram out and do the rating and see if the rating will go up, swap out the stick if the rating don't change. Also check the bios and make sure that the ram in running in dual channel mode. It can be in Unganged mode on Ganged mode. Unganged mode is better for multi cores.
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