Cooler Master HAF 932 fans

Hey guys,

Just got this case yesterday and I've noticed that my top and side fan are not working 100% of the time. I haven't had a chance to install a game and get some actual load onto the system so I cannot speak to that but at rest I only have two fans working (front and back). Is this normal? Are they just intelligent fans not on 100% of the time.?

Also my case's fans came with their 3 pine connectore capped and split into two larger 4-pin connectors (much too big to be CPU header intrfaces, they almost looking like PSU interfaces but my PSU had no cable to go with them) so what I did was use the two converters I had (which took those large 4 pin connectors and changed them into smaller 4-pin connectors that could go on the MoBo jacks). But I only had two of those so I just plugged the 3-pin fan connectors directly into my MoBo. Is this acceptable? Thanks!
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  1. i5-3570k stock (atm)
    Gigabyte Z77x-D13
    8 GB DDR3 ram @ 1.5v, 1600 mhz
    Asus GTX 670 (so far I have place literally 0 load on this, I've only been installing drivers)
    Corsair ATX 750W pro
    Noctua nh-d14
    Cooler Master HAF 932 case

    Those are the specs. The CPU temp was roughly 20 deg C, all I was doing was installing drivers so basically just doing SSD writes.

    The front and back fan seem to work 100% of the time, like I said before but the larger top and side fans have yet to turn on. Given that these are conencted to the MoBo I assume that could be the reason since it's not supposed to be on 100% of the time is my understanding from the Gigabyte board specs.

    About the 3 pin vs 4 pin thing let me be more clear. Stock the the case the fans came with their 3-pin connectors split into two large four-pins (like the ones you'd use to connect to the wire to connect directly to the PSU). I am wondering if using a 3-pin connector to connect to my MoBos 4-pin header is an acceptable workflow. Will it risk damaging my MoBo or fans? I found the connector to hook it in directly to the PSU and I still have the room on my PSU.

    I will have to test it and mess around with trying to start the fans by applying a load to my GPU and CPU (Witcher 2 with Ubersampling anyone? ;) ). Thanks in advance for clearing that up.

    Also I got a single PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD while installing win7 SP1. Should I be overly concerned or is it possible that it's a random outlyer? I will run a memtest when I get home but I really don't want to believe I'm gonna have to RMA my new RAM, hehe.
  2. I didn't actually realize SSDs had drivers, might have been that, will update when I get home. Hopefully that was the problem.

    Also is there a way to install my SSD driver OFF my SSD? All my drivers auto installed into the same drive that Windows is installed in and didn't really give me any options. That being said I don't want to waste too much of my SSD on drivers (realtek drivers were like half a gig!).

    Derp, got the number wrong.

    And yes I mean SSD firmware, was reading the Win7 boards and they were saying that a potential source of that BSOD when installing windows is out of date SSDs so I assumed they meant drivers.
  4. Having researched what I've researched today I've come to the conclusion that the reason these fans are not always on is that they're connected with 4-pins meaning they have the extra pin that allows them to activate to various degrees based on heat.
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