Gtx 560 ti underclocking itself?

auto under clocks itself to 405mh core and 324mhz ram.

changed drivers didn't work.
added a fan in case of heating issue didn't work.
temps are never above 75c
Only happens when playing the witcher 2.
Had the card for almost a year now. (closer to like 9 months or so.)
other details

1.05 volts
950 core
1900 shader
2400 ram

Oc'd to 4.5ghz
600w solytech psu.
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  1. This must be a repost. Refer to the help/answers at
  2. that forum is dead never got a response. After the first few that is.. for the love of gawd it's sooo annoying to see a reply and it's something like this. Yes it's a re-post on a forum that's more lively hopefully at least. but clearly not. wasn't sure how to delete it so i didn't bother.
  3. Go stock with CPU.
    Uninstall drivers -> reboot -> use driver sweeper to completely remove drivers leftovers-> reboot -> install whql 295.73 to default location and only TICK Driver and Physx (UNTICK 3d drivers and HD audio and nvidia update) -> reboot and see how it goes.

    Do all the above with STOCK CPU! And if it works like so, start OC 100 Mhz at a time
  4. make sure with the newer nvidia drivers in the control panel you turn off power savings.
  5. be a little bit until I can check I am not home at the time.
  6. okay sorry took me a while to get back to this forum as I had thought the issue was gone after I went through the task of redoing windows.
    However, this issue persists. I redid windows. But, during a starcraft 2 game. This game is not gpu intensive the gpu was never over 80% usage. temps where never above 70c. I don't know what is going on with this stuff. But, it's getting to be nothing short of pissing me off. I've lost several achievements when it did this too me was in the middle of streak in SC2. Among other things in other games. I know it's not heating issue since temps are never above the threshold. So, I must assume it's a power issue. I'm not certain what else it could be.

    Note: there is the possibility of it being a different issue. Ever since I did my windows re installation it would take forever to load and sometimes it wouldn't load at all(stuck at logo screen.) repair says it's a driver issue. I redid all my drivers so far nothing has fixed it.
  7. is a 600w solytech power supply enough to run this card at the OC I'm running it at?
    It only seems to happen after multiple hours of usage in some games or under an hour of usage in other games. (over hours in non-gpu intense under in gpu intensive I'm assuming.)
  8. 600w PSU should be enough however if this is the SL-8600EPS version, it might be a little dated. I just read a review on Guru3D from 2007 on the 8600 and it seems that it might not have enough juice on the 12v Rails to power both your CPU and the 560ti.

    The mentioned PSU has a total of 36a on the 12v rail. The GTX560ti needs about 30a, this only leave 6a left over on your 12v rail. I'm going to just assume that the CPU uses between 7-10a depending on whether you are oc or not. I'm at work and cant test for myself atm.

    How does this sound experts? I am not one by any means, just doing research and trying to help out.

  9. Yeah that's the one. I've got my cpu OC'd to 4.5ghz. So, it definitely seems like it's the power issue.
    I've got another power supply will look over see if it's suffice.

    humph would seem it's not suffice either with dual at 35a
    suppose I'll start with dropping my CPUs OC as I've already dropped the GTX OC.
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