Time sensitive 3470 vs 3570k


Right now the price difference between the 3470 and the 3570k is about $30 (180 vs 210)
I will be running them with a already bought 7850 and a Antec 620.

The 3470 can OC to 3.8 on 4 cores (4.0 1 core, 3.9 2-3 cores). The 3570k seems to only clock to about 4.4-4.5 on the 620 without running into serious temp issues. So for a 11% price increase, and can get a 15-16% higher OC.

I was just thinking that even if a 15% higher OC, would both CPU's be unplayable at about the same time in the future? (assuming a graphics upgrade).

So even if the 3570k is better "value", its not really worth it is it?

FYI I will be playing BF3, MW3, CSS, NTW, L4D2, WOT, SCII and whatever comes out in the future I might want to play.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. looks like you are interested in overclocking .. so are you planning on buying an after market cpu cooler ? it will add extra $30 ... if you want to save money (without much overclocking) you can buy i5 3470 and save extra money (without aftermarket cooler).. honestly you will not see much of a performance increase in gaming either way...
  2. I plan to run both with an Antec 620 so the price difference is purely in the CPU. Well I am looking to the future, planning to grab a new GPU 1-2 years down the line. More worried about future performance since both can handle pretty much anything right now.

    EDIT: Fixed a typo in the first line
  3. since you are planning to run your cpu on Antec 620, I say, get the maximum out of it. so if you dont mind spending extra $30 go for 3570k...

    we cant expect lots of performance increase in upcoming Haswell cpus, probably more power efficient than ivy bride.. so u dont have to worry much about future atm...
  4. Yeah, dosen't seem like much perf increases in Haswell and Broadwell may be BGA....
    It just seems that the 3570k and the 3470 would be obsoleted at about the same time would they?
  5. Get the 3570k..
    Seems like you already done the research.. those few percent Should make a bit of difference Specially in games that cant utilize multiple cores efficiently..

    And regarding the CPU update and Being unplayable, it is the same with every hardware, V-card, mobo everything upgrades and you would want better hardware anyway..

    Not too sure about next upgrade of chip haven't had much look into it but 3570k OC chip should last you quite a bit, because the chip should be able to handle next gen of Game engines without problem.. hence should last you quite a while as long as you don't destroy the chip during or due to OCing.
  6. i5-3470 can't overclock
  7. Thanks for the all the input everyone. I ended up getting the 3570k so I can play more with the overclock :)

    EDIT: Hmm since its not question I can't select an best answer so could an admin close this thread? Thanks
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