Good number of fans for this case/system?

Im gaming on my computer that has the following set of specs: gtx 660ti, 16gbs ram, i5 3570k, z77 motherboard, coolmaster 500W; this is the case:
the processor and graphics card have fans but I was wondering whether it'd be necessary to get fans for the case. I would also love to know what temperature I should set the graphics card in bios for an emergency shutdown (my friend set the temp up for me, so the computer keeps restarting after a couple minutes of far cry 3; guessing the graphics card is overheating :/?). Finally i'll mention that I had another power supply on this setup that started smelling funny, and eventually burnt. I replaced it with the 500W coolmaster; do you guys think it'd be necessary to get a 750W corsair? The listed components/hdd are all that I have and the only thing I do is game:S so im not exactly sure what the smartest thing would be. I think thats about it. Kinda splitting hairs here, but any answers are much appreciated.
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  1. Airflow in the case is really important,does that case have 2 intake and 2 exhaust fans? You need airflow to reduce the temps,I would recommend a better case for your system that has better airflow,you can download msi afterburner to see the temps of the graphics card,with that you can also manually adjust the fan speed for the graphics card to help reduce the temps,a good quality 500-600watt psu should do the job,the psu is very important to your system
  2. First off replace this power supply right away.Cooler Master is a brand known for making terrible low-end power supplies and I'm pretty sure yours is one of them.Your graphics card might be shutting down because of lack of power or your PSU might not be able to sustain the load so it shuts down.
    Either way you should buy a new PSU.
    I highly reccomend this PSU

    Or if you want something a bit more powerfull, go with this one instead.

    And about the case... im not going to ask why did you even put your PC in that.
    Instead im going to tell you to put some fans on it.

    Check this article it might help you out
  3. If u r system (processor,gpu,smps)fan has any damage the system overheat quickly so protect from more damage the system shutdown without any error message like bluescreen message.
    so check all fans are working correctly and clean the dust from cpu.
    Also u need above 600w psu.
  4. Extra fans not worth.just remove one side door the air intake is very higher so no need extra fans.
  5. Load default settings in bios.
  6. Wow! Was not expecting such a barrage of advice :D! Do you guys know whether corsair would be a good brand for power supplies?
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