GPU runs ridiculously hot

I have a Radeon HD4870 by xfx, and it runs super hot, even at idle.

Here is a pick of it ( same thing ive got )-,r:18,s:0,i:128

Idle temps are between 75-80 degrees Celsius. Even if the fan runs at its maximum, still no change.
On some load it creeps up to 95 degrees+.

I am really concerned because the fan has no dust and I cleaned it free of dust just yesterday. Before that, it was running at 90 degrees at idle! There is direct contact of the gpu with the heatsink. Also, my case is free of wire obstruction, and is very neat with no dust. i dunno what the problem is.

Please help!
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  1. Do you measure temps with the help of CCC or another utility ?

    Make sure the temperature reading is in Celcius, not Fahrenheit.

    Idle temp of 75-80C is real high. You must be running your PC in sauna. I have idle temp of 43C when ambient is around 28C. My card is Radeon HD5770.

    If this is a new card, take it back.

    Otherwise, thermal paste between cooler block and gpu may have gone away. Therefore, you cannot be sure if there is direct contact of gpu with heatsink unless you remove the heatsink.
  2. In the Catalyst Control Centre, it is again reading between 75-80 degress Celsius. Ive used other software as well, again same temp readings. All are in degrees celsius.

    Hmm I guess my room temp is around that. It's currently winter here though.

    It is around a year old, and never overclocked or tweaked.

    I just kept new thermal paste a week ago, i dunno if it's helping.
  3. There seems to be solid contact, because I tightened the screws all the way and I don't see any gaps between the heatsink and the GPU.

    I touched the voltage regulators' heatsink and it feels quite hot. Is this normal? Could this be the problem?
  4. Those are not ideal idle temps.Its mostly a HS alignment issue, Try to re seat the HS, but dont over tighten the screws too.
  5. ok, so i went ahead and tried reseating the heatsink. I unscrewed, checked, then rescrewed everything. The temps seem to have dropped one or 2 degrees. It still idles around 75 degrees tho. The fan, according to software is set to auto, and spins at 50% at idle
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    You need to apply new thermal paste when you reseat the cooler. BTW I just upgraded from that exact card and mine went into the 90s at full load but idled much lower around low 60s and I thought that was hot. Reseating again with new thermal paste will hopefully get yours back to normal temps especially if reseating without new paste helped a bit.
  7. Hmm I'll see If I can get some next week. Must be some contact issue between the gpu and the heatsink. Hopefully it helps. Thanks!
  8. Wow, just played some dirt 3 and it maxed out at 109 degrees. However there seems to be no lack of performance, and the image is very clear and fluent during gameplay.
  9. I recommend not using it until you get the problem resolved if its going into the 100s, you could try manually setting the fan speed very high as a temporary fix.
  10. I would second manually keeping the fan to 100% , Though it will be loud as hell, Damage will be less likely, and though GFX cards have a higher heat threshold, Its not nice letting it hit 109.
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