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Hello, I´m lookin for the cheapest PC build ever that can run games like Garrys Mod, Counter strike GO (new one) day of defeat source, left 4 dead 2, red orchesta 2... they are kinda old games, and maybe I could run battefield 3 at low-med? I really don´t know what to get.. I would like you to recommend me the best parts for running this games at highest. I have got a range from cheapest-500 , no more.. ill use a small screen I think something like 1366-1600 resolution. So, what hardware should I buy to get this kind of not that new games runing at highest?

Another question... whats the cheaper card and processor for runing battlefield 3 on high? just high not ultra/highest?

Well thats all... hope you can help me :D goobye

I already own a laptop but can´t get this games to run that properly, it always overheats like on medium..
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  1. You mention a budget of up to 500, but what you don't state is the currency, or your location, which would be needed to work out the best deal. Also, do you want the ability to overclock?
    If you are looking for a budget option, TODAY, then your best option is probably an AMD quad-core processor, with something like HD6850 GPU. However, if you can wait til September, new mid-range offerings from nVidia will be out, and one of those is likely to be the best choice, plus prices for mid-range Radeons are likely to come down then, also.
  2. What new offerings?
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