GTX 460 SC SLI or GTX 670 FTW

So i currently am running a gtx 460 sli set up and wondering will i see any major improvement if i upgrade to a GTX 670/680....can't seem to find any answers....
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  1. GTX460 SLI about 8% better than GTX480
    GTX670 about 30% better than GTX480
    So a single GTX670 would be around 20-25% increase and GTX680 close to 30% performance increase. This is average apart from more Vram which helps with eye candy at higher resolutions.
  2. GTX 670 - No micro-stuttering, better performance, a lot less power and excess heat.
  3. Quote:
    FYI - micro-stuttering is an aberration for those that have enough CPU strength..

    Link to some research? Not questioning, just looking for some info as I have been thinking of adding another gxt 570 to my system.
  4. Quote:
    not trying to argue, juts bringing it to your attention.
    SLi GTX 570's is quite optimal to me anyways.
    I run similar set-up to that with SLi GTX 560-Ti Hawks.

    if you have the CPU strength then micro-stuttering is minimal is existent at all.
    what are your specs and I will look for links little bit later when I get on-line at home.

    i7-930 @ 3.8
    ASUS GTX 570 (not the DCU II card)
    PSU is currently Thermaltake 750W, but that is going to get replaced if I go SLI.

    The heat and micro-stuttering is what has me concerned. Given the cost of another GTX 570 + PSU, I am thinking I will just go to a single GTX 670 solution.

    I was just looking for some more info on micro-stuttering.
  5. Yea, I'm leaning more to the 670 route.

    The PSU is an older model with only 2 6 pin connectors. I bought it originally to run two 6800 GT's.
  6. Microstuttering comes from cards that do not always hold a good minimum frame rate when in a 1 card configuration does it not ?
  7. I have also a problem on choosing which one is better and by reading those reviews about GTX 670, I now know which one will be the best. Well in my own opinion GTX 460 is also good but today as the latest games are coming, I can't get the maximum performance of it. Now I got your reviews fellow members, I will now invest for the 670. Thanks ;)
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