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I've been looking to upgrade my graphics card setup, and I've been pondering this for months but I can't decide what's the best option. Hopefully, you guys can help me make up my mind. FYI: I usually like to play my games @ 1920x1080 resolution, everything maxed out.

I'm deciding between GTX550Ti 1GB in SLI or GTX460v2 1GB in SLI...
I'm really just trying to get performance on a budget. These cards have dropped a lot in price when they go on sale: GTX550Ti (~$90 each) and the GTX460v2 (~$100 each).

GTX 550 Ti specs

GTX460 v2 specs:
*I'm only talking about the v2 model, because all the other ones are basically discontinued and I can't seem to find them anymore. I'm looking here for opinions because all the research I've been doing only compares the ORIGINAL GTX460 (which I know is amazing). Nothing really analyzes the v2.
All I've been able to figure out is that the GTX460v2 is a cutdown GTX560.

From this chart, the GTX460 768mb and the GTX460 SE are in the same level of the GTX550ti. Nothing about the v2. ==",3107-7.html

As you can see in my signature, I'm running an AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 4.0Ghz with an ASUS SLI motherboard. Because of the motherboard specifications, I'm pretty much decided to go with a NVIDIA SLI configuration... I would hate waste the multi-gpu features I already paid for.

I have a feeling a lot people will recommend the GTX460v2, which is what I originally planned to get, but then I was reading alot of comments about the Phenom II X4 being a bottleneck for SLI'ed GTX460s... so would it even matter? I dunno D: Halpz.

Thanks for your time,
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  1. Also, I don't know if this is a factor, but if go with the GTX460v2's I will have to buy a new PSU because mine only has a 6pin and 6+2pin connector... The GTX460s in SLI will need four of them =="

    A decent 750W PSU will cost at least $75... D:

    Otherwise, I'm good with the GTX550Ti's.
  2. Stop right there and do not waste your money.
    Do not SLI either of those turds....

    Look for 560ti or 7850 or or 480 gtx or 6950 1GB
  3. Quote:
    955BE @ 4.0GHz will not bottleneck SLi 460's especially V2 models that are 192-bit versions.
    I ran a P2 @ 4.0GHz with SLi N460GTX Hawks and they are the 256-bit versions.
    I have since sold that unit:

    1.) watch out for the heat, add case fans.
    2.) I also ran them off a 700-watt PSU so your fine there but with the power adapter situation, you might want to upgrade that as well.

    what is the budget and where are you ordering from, in US.?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Nice to know that the Phenom won't bottleneck... I may opt for the v2 in that case.

    1) Thanks for the head-ups with the heat from the SLI config. I've already got that down with a whole array of new case fans. 4x CoolerMaster 120mm Sickeflows + 1 Scythe 140mm KazeMaru.
    2) I REALLY don't want to use the adapters and I don't want to buy another PSU either ...
    May I ask what is your opinion on the performance difference between the two GPUs we're talking about?

    My budget is ~$200CAD. I'm okay with any online e-tailer like,,, etc.
    But still, I can stretch it if it's worth it... but I would rather spend as little as possible.

  4. Hmm... all of those cards are well over $200, even on sale. (Except the 560TI)

    Wouldn't the GTX460v2 in SLI provide more processing power than those?

    I would look to SLI the GTX560TI or the GTX480, but I would bottleneck.
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