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I have hooked up my lg 42lw50u 3dtv as a second monitor to watch files of 3d movies I have on my pc. Only to find out my graphic card does not support 3d. I would like to buy a graphics card only to watch 3d movies with my 3dtv. Dont play games so it really is just for movies. Any recommendations? Dont want to spend much.

I have been told that this is not possible that this cant be done, which I find hard to believe. Any advice much appreciated.
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  1. I cannot answer your question directly, however if you go here and join this forum you will get the question answered.
  2. i would contact the tv vendor first to see if they sell a glass kit and transmitter that works with your tv and any input. some new tv now use passive glasses some older tv need active glasses.
    if people saying you need to use a nvidia card with there 3d glasses set up then here one of there low end cards that 24.00 with rebate.
  3. You need
    1) Blu-ray driver w/ blu-ray 3d playback software.,2636-6.html
    2) HDMI 1.4a cable
    3) For AMD HD6XXX ( I recommend AMD HD video card )
    4)3d passive glasses
    5)3d TV (you already had)

    If you like to NVIDIA card, you need the NVIDIA card, NVIDIA 3d glasses, etc. Check the link for NVIDIA 3d vision
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