Need expert help badly..........

couple days ago i bought a dell optiplex 390(core i3,4 gb ram),it came with a very low wattage psu and a bad gpu.
so i decided to upgrade both of them .i bought a 600 w huntkey psu and a gtx 460 v2 1gb 192bit.
here is the problem;i began to experience many crashes to desktop in all most every game, and some times my monitor switch to safe mode and i ought to restart the pc and some times i get the blue screen error when i start windows, and some times i end up with a black screen on start up ,i have installed the latest driver by nvidia 301.62 and yet the same thing happened ,my os is win7 32bit
PLEASE HELP...........
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  1. heh, you got yourself another bad psu (most likely)

    it might be a bad disk

    should have built your own :D
  2. TheBigTroll said:
    heh, you got yourself another bad psu (most likely)

    it might be a bad disk

    should have built your own :D

    what a genius answer!
  3. it could also be a bad card. might want to try to use intergrated graphics to test this out
  4. Yes, try going back to the old parts, then try the new parts individually. If the problem continues, you will know where the problem is.
  5. 1. put the old parts back in
    2. run the programs that caused crashes
    3. if still crashes, run a temp monitoring program and check the temps. you might have knocked a bit the heatsink off the CPU and not even noticed... Also, suggest run Memtest as well.
    4. If it runs fine, replace the PSU first and rerun the tests. If crashes, you know PSU is bad.
    5. if fine, replace the graphics card and rerun the tests. If crashes, the card is bad.

    Every time ensure no power cables are disconnected by mistake, the heatsink is still firmly in place along with the rest of the hardware (mem sticks, other cards, cables to/from HDD, etc.).

    In my experience, the 4xx cards series had a heating problem, and it may be that to blame, given the symptoms you reported already. I suppose the card is properly fed with power and you didn't miss any additional power connections to it.
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