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Hey, im having a gpu or monitor problem and i cant seem to tell where its coming from. My monitor has power and is active but i cant see anything the light is lit blue. Once i turn it off and on again i get to see something for about 5 seconds and it goes dark. I wanna know what is going on and how can i fix it. Asap.

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. It could be a problem with whatever video cable you are using. Try finding another one and hooking it up. See if that solves the problem. If not it is probably an issue with the gpu.

    You can also confirm that is not on the monitor's end by hooking it up to another device. (If you use the same cable, you confirm whether it may be the cable's fault as well.)
  2. It sounds like a monitor problem, because if your gpu is bad, you wouldn't get 5 seconds of display when switching the monitor off and on (assuming it is display from the computer, not just the monitor logo). Just to make sure, you can narrow down whether it's a monitor problem or a gpu problem by testing the monitor on a different computer or laptop. If the same issue exists on a different computer, then try using a different cable because on rare cases your cable can be faulty. If the monitor still doesn't work, then I would suggest getting a new one since fixing a monitor isn't easy.
  3. Alright. Thx guys ill try those ways. Becuase i leave my comp on 24/7 n its summer. And i just turn off comp for like 20 mins now everything seem normal. So weird.
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