PC takes time to turn on when press power button

Dear Community, at first, merry christmas to all of you. I hope you guys from the north are enjoying the cold, cuz here at Brazil we are practically frying. :)

So, I am having some trouble with my PC, since I switched my motherboard, I've been experiencing problems when I try to turn on my pc (not talking about both neither about post). When I try turn the power on, it simply does not starts right away. After some time (about 10 minutes) plugged in the power, when I press the power button it actually starts and works ok.

Don't know if this problem may be related to my power source or even my motherboard. Does anyone have seen this issue?

Is there any tests I could make that can help me solving this trouble? It's a really annoying one. :??:

Best Regards.
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  1. Did you reinstall the OS after you changed the motherboard? Or at least download the motherboard driver?
  2. Yes I did.

    But do you really believe that it might be something related to the OS? I think is a hardware purely based issue.

  3. Clean the dust in switches (power and reset).or remove power on switch wires from mobo ,insert reset switch in power on pins.now power on by reset switch if no problem arrived (power on switch is problem )
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