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I5 3470 vs phenom 1100t and fx 8150

Well...i am from Argentina,and i have a really bad english,but i have this question...
I bought a proccesor i5 3470,and a friend of mine said me that its worst than an fx 4150, just cause this have the same numbre of cores, but 3,6 gb of freq....

Now,my question is...what can i say to explain that mi i5 is better,cause saying that the architecture is better is not a good argument....

PS: i can read english,but i can not write it XD
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    i5 3470 is far superior, even when comparing with AMD's 8350 flagship cpu..

    show your friend these benchmarks.

    there are plenty of benchmarks in that review. (select from the dropdown list)
  2. oh thx!.yesh,i said him that the benchmarks show the superiority of the i5, but he still saids thath the logic is= more cores, better micro.....

    well,i am at least quiet with those benchmarks,they make me feel comfortable with my new proccesor :D
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