Old PCI gfx card heating up in PCI slot

I have an old dell optiplex 270 with two PCI slots.

PCI 120 pins

connector data width (maximum) 32 bits

I installed the PNY VCGFX522PPB GeForce FX 5200 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Video Card:

I could install the card fine but when I checked temps with an IR thermometer it was read at ~85C

I have pulled the gfx card and installed it into a dell Optiplex 170L and I am now having reliability issues. For example Aero recently pulled up and said the computer was running slow so that it had to turn off Aero in windows 7.

My question is, is it okay to insert that gfx card into a 120 pin PCI slot? Why do you think I am seeing reliability issues
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  1. What you describe isn't a reliability issue. This is simply an old card that is rather slow by today's standards.

    There may also be the case of throttling since this is a passive design, make sure you have sufficient airflow in your chassis (a fan blowing right on the graphics card is also advised)
  2. the older gpu card ran hot. my older 250 gpu temp was 50-60c just sitting still. with the other pc the nvidia card is older and slower then the onboard chipset and not made for windows 7. most of these cards are used for low power hpc pc. the temp getting that hot is not the card issue but the dell case and that the gpu is passive cooled. most of these cards would be used in mini towers with at lest two fans one pulling air in and one pulling air out. if your using the small form factor desk top i would look into cutting some vent into the top panel or look into putting a fan on the top of the case to vent the hot air out.
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    what CPU is in that computer because when i am looking up that computer it says it comes with an P4 800Mhz CPU. if this is the case consider yourself lucky that card works in that computer. heck i had the Geforce FX 5500 in an older computer and that computer was a P4@2.4ghz
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