HDauido wont plug in help :(

So switching my PC into a new case (400r) with a new motherboard cpu and whatnot. I'm connecting the panel connectors and according to my motherboard manual the audio is marked AAFP. Now the HD audio cable from the case is the right slot but it just won't slide in, and i don't want to put too much pressure on the motherboard.

What shall i do -.-?

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  1. Will the audio even matter as my headset is USB?
  2. moley the hd audio cable on most cases has a filled pin. you can see it on cosair web page. look at the port plug on your mb make sure there a blank pin(empty pin on the mb connector). if not look at your mb guild and see if your plugging the audio cable onto the right port.
  3. and no, if you're using a using a usb headset then you dont need front audio ports.
    And if you're only using usb headset and no speakers at all then you can disable the integrated soundcard in the bios and not even install the drivers for them. You will still need to install the drivers for the usb headet.
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