Which GTX 680 is the best/quiet/cool?


Im about to buy a new gtx 680, which i think is better than 7970, even the ghz editions.

I was thinking to buy the Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream 4gb. 2 gb is so less?

Is there any better or do i have to go for the 2gb or even the gtx 670?

Ive got a 3570k +z77mobo.

Like to play bf3.

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  1. The one I have is:

    It is very quiet, runs cool and is quite slim. I have mine overclocked quite a bit and it works great.
  2. hey, don't think even about the bottlenecking, you've already chosen the best brand.
  3. The msi looks good too, did you (xtreme 5) meant the msi or the Palit I suggested?
  4. for more cooling solution my vote goes for MSI, otherwise palit is same in the performance.
  5. That one isnt availble here in europe, the 4gb edition. I would like to go for 4gb.
  6. which one msi or palit? 4GB my god. 2gb is sufficient for everything that you need.
  7. And for future games? I wont like to buy a new card in the next 3/4 years.

    Wont they need more ram?
  8. nope, neither game doesn't require more than 1GB,2GB vram.
  9. why are there with more then? In the future games require more?
  10. ok, if you can afford it then get it.
  11. its 50 more... worth it?
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  14. The Asus TOP is likely the best performer at least at 1920 x 1200 ..... It absolutely crushes everything else in the 670 category, not so sure on the 680.....but may be a problem if going SLI later, as it's a 3 slot card

    Asus TOP Boost clock is at 1267 "outta the box, 1367 when OC'd be Guru3D
    Palit's Jetstream 4GB Boost clock is at 1110 "outta the box, 1235 when OC'd be Guru3D

    The Palit Jetstream 4GB hits 28C in idle in metro 2033, the Asus TOP hits 27.
    The Palit Jetstream 4GB hits 67C in idle in metro 2033, the Asus TOP hits 64.

    The Palit Jeststream 4GB burns 170 watts under load, the Asus with its higher OC burns 181.

    The Palit Jettream 4GB has a dBA level of 37 at idle, as does the Asus
    The Palit Jetstream 4GB has a dBA level of 39 under load, the Asus hits40

    The Palit Jetstream 4GB has a 3d Mark Vantage P score of 9584, the Asus hits 10404.

    The Palit Jetstream 4GB has a Crysis 2 score of 61 fps, the Asus hits 67 at 1920 x 1200
    The Palit Jetstream 4GB has a Crysis 2 score of 36 fps, the Asus hits 38 at 2560 x 1600

    It appears that the 2GB version is a heckuva lot faster than the 4GB version.
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