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Max Resolution suddenly reduced

Hi, I'm hoping someone out there has a possible answer/solution to what's going on here.

My components:
-asrock z77 extreme6
-core i5 3570k ("safe" oc @4.3)
-corsair TXM 750w PSU
-EVGA GTX 670 (stock)
-corsair vengeance 2x4gb ram 1600mhz
-hyper 212 evo (push/pull)
-samsung 830 (256gb)
-WD Black 2tb
-ASUS 24" monitor w/speakers (model #: VE248H)

Last night I turned off my computer at ~7pm PST (have to work early in the morning) and got back from work at ~10am today. I turned on my computer and was greeted by a blue screen (not BSOD) showing there was nothing being detected thru HDMI output. When the blue screen went away, my monitor basically went to sleep (power button turned orange showing its sleeping, as opposed to being blue when "on"). Then I was greeted by a blown-up windows log-on screen. No BIOS screen ever appeared, even after restarting a couple times. I logged onto windows and everything was blown up to 1024x768 resolution...worse than my laptop's resolution. I also did not install anything recently in the previous few days.

I checked to make sure my graphics card was being detected (well it should've if I can even see anything on the screen) and it was according to cpu-z, dxdiag, control panel (change resolution section). Funny thing, when I tried to change the resolution, it gave the max resolution as 1024x768 with a min of 800x600. I tried reinstalling nvidia's driver 301.42 which had worked just fine before. But that did not work. So in lieu of restoring from a back-up I made a week ago, I decided to dig up the DVI-D cable that originally came with my monitor. Voila, I got full 1920x1080 resolution using that output. I then tried using another HDMI cable that I know works and I was greeted by the 1024x768 resolution again. Would you guys say that the HDMI port on my gtx 670 is broken now all of a sudden? I know there's no difference between DVI-D and HDMI, but I didn't pay for a faulty HDMI port.

P.S. GTX 670 was purchased ~1-2 weeks after it came out on NewEgg.

EDIT: In the control panel area where you change your resolution, the drop down menu for "Display" shows the HDMI output option as being -- Generic Non-PnP Monitor. It used to say -- VE248. Now it says that for the DVI-D output...

EDIT2: I should also mention that my gpu temps were totally fine. In fact precision X shows it being 29-31C at idle. HWMonitor confirms this. Everything (including temps)was working fine before turning on my computer this morning. Looking at my mobo during boot shows everything checks out.
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    It is possible that your HDMI is broken since it used to recognize the monitor. I would pursue a RMA.
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    You tried two HDMI cables and still nothing so if it first worked then all of a sudden this and there is not much difference between the DVI and HDMI they are both digital cables. Yeah do the RMA. Good luck to you.
  3. All right, thanks guys.

    Yea and just to make sure it wasn't my monitor, I hooked up my xbox to it and was able to play at 1920x1080, so I know my monitor is still good. I had figured it was the gpu, but wanted to ask you guys for your input. I filed an RMA this afternoon. Thanks guys.
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    RMA the card, best solution for you.
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