Random fps drop pls help me...

i was playing diablo iii with my card overclocked, everything was fine for about 8 hours, then out of nowhere it froze so i restarted my computer, then i started getting "windows display adapter has stopped working and has recovered" now im not getting this error and im just getting random fps drops and they are ruining my game, i have the latest drivers, remember, it happened out of nowhere, and it happens on other games as well, pls help me...

i have a radeon 7870
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  1. the fps drops go away quickly (maybe 2 seconds) but it happens like every 3 or 4 minutes, sometimes even more frequently
  2. did you manually overclock your card? if you did check your temps and make sure your card isnt running to hot
  3. the temperature was never hot, i even set it back to its default and im still getting random fps drops, im not getting the display adapter has stopped working anymore, just random fps drops, like it wants to stop working, but it isnt getting that far anymore, as if it fixed a little bit or something, im so confused...
  4. if you have overclocked it, try reverting the overclock and check if the problem persists, if yes, check the GPU temps.

    Be aware that when you overclock any component the wattage used increase a lot so there is the possibility that your PSU isn't handling the overclocked component(s) normally.

    If your GPU is OK and you have already removed the overclock, try using older drivers sometimes a driver can bring some problems like this one you are experiencing, maybe just reinstalling it can fix the issues, try reverting and using older versions.
  5. hmmm that is pretty wierd, did your card come pre overclocked aswell?

    also what psu are you using?
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