HELP! GTX 680 problem!

I installed a "Phantom GTX 680 4GB" in my brothers PC.

He upgraded it from 2 HD 4870's in crossfire.
(He uses AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE)

Now I don't know it's called, because I don't know what Stuttering or Tearing is, I thought it was one of those. But YouTube is making me even more unsure. So I'll just explain.

When he plays Diablo III (or any other game so far) he gets perfect FPS, without vSync up to 160 on maximum settings. But in whatever settings he plays, it somehow seems to lagg. Even if the FPS won't drop under 100 (without vSync) it still will have some kind of lagg. It just looks like a FPS drop, but clearly isnt. Sometimes it even looks likes the character teleports, and somehow skips a few frames.

Can anyone tell me how it's called? Maybe it is Stuttering or Tearing?
And perhaps a solution to fix this?
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  1. have you upgraded to 304.48 last BETA drivers? Do this if you didnt they increased my 680 performance more than 20 fps on almost every game.

    and also removed the vsync stuter problems

    EDIT: since diablo is an ONLINE game what you may be experiencing is server lag, common issue if you are far away from the server, or if your internet connection isnt so stable; but anyways update the driver if you haven't already
  2. They just released a fix for that in a driver update.
  3. there are quite a few people having problems that are blizzard's fault . . .

    ( how is that for an open ended statement? :lol: )
  4. It also may be an internet connection or server problem. Character teleporting hints that it may be it. Make sure that there is no other internet activity and if the connection is fast and stable.
  5. Connection is fine, my GTX 680 4GB SLI setup works fine with it at the exact same time, my brother has the Phantom 4GB, i have 2x Jetstream GTX 4GB.
    I've had the Phantom in my pc, before i sold it to my brother. On my pc it worked without any problems.

    And what is this problem called? Stuttering?
  6. And he has the 304.48 Betá drivers atm, still no fix. :(
  7. Micro stuttering is a BAD SLI/CRossfire related problem, before the 304.48 there was some vertical sync stuterring but if you installed it it should be solved, i still think it is internet lagging.

    but if it is happening in other games, and not only on diablo, it could be a bottleneck, i would check on the CPU MAYBE the AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE can be the problem?)

    but if the character is teleporting it is almost certainly internet lag, i saw a lot of notebook players having this problem while playing on wireless and/or more unstable connections.
  8. Its not sli right? usually micro stuttering applies to dual gpu setups. like yyk said, the teleporting sounds like network latency issues. have you tried pinging outside servers to test latency? run and see what you get. If the latency is higher than 100 restart the router. Also run to check bandwidth.

    Edit: didn't see ricardois post before mine, i agree with him.
  9. It is not SLI, just 1 GTX 680 to be clear! :)
  10. But what if we have stable 50MB internet connection, all wired with CAT5e. And my PC runs the game without any problems, on the exact same time! We're both connected to the same router, and pc's are located next to eachother, so it's an easy comparement.

    If the Phenom II x4 955 BE is the bottleneck, then why is it only some stuttering-like problem. And not just low FPS.. The FPS is 150> and doesnt drop below 100, not even with the stuttermoments..
  11. well i'm not so sure what you are talking about, maybe what you are referring to is tearing? when the image is splitted horizontally? try removing v-sync from the game and enabling adaptive v-sync via the nvidia control panel and see if it decreases those "stuttermoments".
  12. No it's not Tearing. I call it stuttering because I'm not sure how else to call it. It looks like FPS drops, while clearly the FPS isnt dropping. It just.. some kind of.. stutter.. Don't really have other words for it.. (Not sure how to translate, i'm dutch)(Google translate translates it to stutter)
  13. Do you have the Video card in a PCI E slot that is fast enough? You may have the card inserted into a PCI E 2.0 x 4. This could explain the micro stuttering as the card will not be getting enough bandwidth. Make sure that it is in an x16 slot.
  14. This sounds too easy, but have you tried a new/different CAT5e cable between his PC and the router? Or a different port on the router? Could always leave your cable in its port on the router and plug the other end into his PC since your cable and port are known to be good.

    Cables/connectors, router ports, and PC network devices can go bad over time (I lost two jacks on my router for no apparent reason once).
  15. It definately sounds like network lag. goto and run tests from both PC's to the same server. Run each test separately.
  16. Diablo 3 is known for its relatively low system requirements, so this can't be related to your brother's system performance.

    Try to replace his card with one of yours, and make sure that there aren't any AMD driver traces.
  17. At first: I tried to switch network cables between my and my bro's pc. Still same problem, and each cable works fine on my pc, but bad on my bro's pc. I don't think it is network related, since he had the same problem with: League of Legends, and GuildWars1 (But less than with Diablo III). And every game works perfectly fine on my pc! with every network cable!
    (BUT! Can his network connector, or module on the mobo be defect? That would explain, although he never had the problem with 2 4870's in crossfire)

    He uses the mobo: M4A79XTD EVO which has 2x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots
    And according to GPU-Z it is working on PCI 2.0x16
    GPU-z doesnt read any "Memory Size", it says 0MB, but he says the same on my pc, which is working fine (Also GTX 680 4GB) so i guess it just doesnt see 4GB.

    I just found out he has Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.. I don't know how he managed that xD but i'll recommend him to install 64Bits ASAP, since his CPU does support 64bit, (if i'm right). Might this be the problem? 32Bit?

    Also if he reinstalls it's just a big cleanup, maybe that'll fix it.. I'm not sure when he has time for it, but i'll let you know ;)
  18. I kinda know that feel bro. Let me ask you this. Did you update your windows drivers? Sometimes its that. I had the EXACT same problem but my fix was I just updated the system in general and for some reason it just went away. I dunno why. Maybe it might work for you. If not then you may need to do a pingtest. Forgive me if that was already mentioned, I was in a hurry to write this.
  19. Stop with all the crazy "have you tried this" stuff.

    D3 has a known graphic stutter. There is even a sticky on the D3 tech support forums.

    Dropping the shadows from high to medium fixed the stuttering issue for me. I have a 670 btw.

    Nvidia has also fixed there adaptive vsync issue with their latest beta drivers. I do recommend updating to these. They also added AA support in the Nvidia control panel for D3.
  20. Cryosis00 said:
    Stop with all the crazy "have you tried this" stuff.

    D3 has a known graphic stutter. There is even a sticky on the D3 tech support forums.

    Dropping the shadows from high to medium fixed the stuttering issue for me. I have a 670 btw.

    Nvidia has also fixed there adaptive vsync issue with their latest beta drivers. I do recommend updating to these. They also added AA support in the Nvidia control panel for D3.


    and what guarantee that your "fix" will work?

    the 3d guru nVidia driver forums are loaded with folks have problems with D3 and the most consistent thing is there is no one fix all.
  21. My brother installed Skyrim as well, mainly to test the graphics.. Works smoothly on max settings with 50FPS cap. (No idea why 50 FPS, could'nt find where to change it to a normal 60). Also he has no problems with stuttering-like issues.

    I think it's just Diablo III related, and that other games where it lagged were probably just lagg..

    Also, is Diablo III very CPU-demanding? Maybe the CPU is his bottleneck (AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE ~Stockclock). He doesn't want to overclock, but maybe upgrade CPU soon.

    I asked him to install 64Bits windows, but he only has 32bit home premium license, and no other legal versions... So i'm not sure how we're going to solve this. Don't like illegal OS due to updates.
  22. Since he only has a 32bit os, his lack of ram could be a contributing factor.
  23. Hi dude,

    If your character appears to be warping every now and than that specificially is a server issue. I play a lot of Diablo 3 with friends and we all experience it at times regardless of setup.

    Also with D3 I HIGHLY recommend VSync, the game suffers from a lot of tearing on more powerful GPUs.
  24. I have VSync on, it is 60 FPS cap, but somehow it seems to be having problems, i'm pretty sure it isnt internet related, but i can't really explain what it really is.. sorry
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