Xonar DS vs X-Fi Titanium

I'm looking for an upgrade from my onboard sound. I spend way too much time listening to music and gaming to stick on this sound forever. I've got a pretty good headset (Turtle Beach x12) and am going to get some surround sound speakers soon. I'm down to these two cards:

Creative X-Fi Titanium, $45

Asus Xonar DS, $42

If it matters, music or movie sound would take priority over gaming, but I prefer a good balance.
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  1. You do realize that the Xonar is a pci card and the fatality a pcie card?
  2. ^^ The DSX is the PCI-E version.

    Its close; I'd take the D1/DX over the Titanium, but the Titanium is probably the better card at that price. Creative driver issues aside, of course...
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