Everything fuctions normally but no usb or video display

Hello ,so my friend came over and tried his new ram sticks on my pc.. they worked fine, but when he left i put in my old ram sticks and turned on my pc but the display wont appear and the mouse and keyboard dont respond... but other than that everything seems to function normally( the lights are on, the cpu fan is on, the vga fan is on..) i tried changing ram sticks but the problem persists, i tried the onboard vga but still no display..... what do i do?!?!?!
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  1. i have a question first xD
    how do you know the mouse and keyboard aren't responding if the display is off?

    try removing them and replacing maybe they are not well connected?

    check if you didn't forgot to plug anything back
  2. ^+1
    Take your RAM back out and reseat them and make sure you have them in the right way. If you had to force them in you might have done some damage to the dimm slots.

    Make sure you didn't bump or pull out something while taking out and Putting in the RAM. Once you have done that, start your PC and see if you get anything. If still nothing try using one stick of RAM.

    Keep the other RAM out. Do that will each RAM and each time boot up. Also could you give us your system spec's? Keep us updated on what you have done or tried. Good luck.
  3. +1^

    Make sure you RAM is properly in place and in the correct position.
  4. thanks for the reply guys, it turned out that the ram i used is triple channel and my mobo doesnt support them, so they fried my ram dimms.....i sent it back, played it dumb and actually got my mobo replaced :) thnx again
  5. So your MOBO only supports ddr2? and when you put in ddr3 it fried the dimms on your MOBO? So now what did you get the same board or did you get a new one that supports ddr3 ram?

    I am sorry for asking but you kind of lost me a little. So I am trying to make sure I got what you are saying is right. Well that is good on the new MOBO.
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