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whenevr i try to do a cd to cd copy with my generic 52x cd-rom drive to my sony cd-rw drive i can never get a write speed higher than 6x. i've tried using sony cd extreme, the burning software that came with my burner, nero, and cake walk pyro, all with the same results. i've also tried doing this under windows 98, 2000 and XP, all with the exact same issue.

when i ran the nero drive speed utility it told me i should be able to burn from cd to cd at at least 16x, so there is a breakdown somewhere else in the line.

just in case this helps the specs on my system are:
Asus A7V133
Duron 850
256MB PC133
Maxtor 40GB HDD ATA100
Generic 2GB HDD
BTW i am running the two cd drive as primary and secondary on my standerd IDE controller and the two HDD's on a seperate ATA100 controller. have already updated all my drivers and service packs.

is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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  1. another thing i forgot to mention. there is nothing in the start-up in any of the operating systems. have also removed and re-install all my IDE drives and controllers, still to no avail

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  2. udma transfer mode? i don't think you're going to see top speeds on that drive unless it's enabled(in the device manager).

    CPUs are like testicles, every computer should have 2!
  3. if you meant DMA, yes i have it enabled in 98, it's enabled by default it 2k and xp.

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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