Want to run triple monitors on dual HD 5800's

Hey everyone

I have dual HD 5800's and want to make the leap into triple monitor display for gaming. I have tried for the past few hours to get it all working but alas, its not to be!! So, i am here asking for any advice or tutorials.

I have the two side monitors running through HDMI and the center and main monitor is running thru a HDMI to DVI cable. One of the side monitors and the center monitor are connected to one card and the other side monitor is connected to the remaining card. When i try and group the monitors in the CCC program, it only allows me to use two monitors. So i am stuck!!

Any help would be appreciated

thanks alot

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  1. Well you will have to hook the monitors in to 1 card (I could be wrong) But they would have to use both the DVI ports and the mini display, it wont allow you to run eye infinity with the HDMI port if im not mistaken.
  2. In order to use all three monitors for a single gaming display, all three monitors need to be connected to the same graphics card (as Viking2121 states). One of the three monitors MUST be connected using the DisplayPort output of the card. If none of your monitors has a DisplayPort input, you will need to use an Active adapter from the displayport output of the graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
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