USB Sound Card won't install.

Hi there, I bought a Steelseries USB Sound card about a week ago and only got around to installing it, except from it won't install.

When trying to install the card, it would come out that it's not connected when it is and I'm not sure how to fix this error.
I've tried two different drivers from the company and they both come up with the same error.

I've tried Uninstalling it, unplugging device, restarting and plugging it back in.
I've tried disabling the automatic driver search and installing.
I've updated my drivers (except BIOS).
I've tried using two different drivers.
I've tried Every spare USB port in my computer.
I've tried installing it with the Headset in the sound card and without.
I've tried Disabling all the other sound cards in my computer.
I've tried Uninstalling all the other sound cards in my computer.
I've tried installing it in safe mode.
I've google'd up some fixes but none work even silly things like restarting my computer 5 times.

All to no avail, everytime it comes up with the same message.

The adapter does install by windows into a "USB PnP Sound Device" which would make you think It'll work but it doesn't.
For that reason, I know it isn't the cable and it is finding it but won't install it for some reason.

I had a similar problem with a internal sound card before but in the end had to RMA it, hopefully I won't have to do that especially in the middle of the Christmas holidays.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas how to fix it?
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  1. Did you follow the installation guide?
    -Boot your PC without the USB Sound card
    -start driver setup
    -plug in the USB

    If that doesn´t work, did you try to install it manually?
    right click USB PnP Sound Device "update driver" in device manager
    choose "search on computer", then find the driver inf file in "CM108AH_Disable_SPDIFIn_Out\U108-10Q4-1.0\USB-108-101026-\SoftwareDriver\driver\
  2. Yes, I've tried both of these things. The first idea comes up with the same error and the second idea just doesn't work; windows comes up saying it can't install it with the drivers.
  3. For manually installing, the sound device should be plugged in. Try all of the inf files, in the zip file of the driver pack.

    Is in device manager a question marlk or exclamation mark?

    Try the device in another PC.

    Open Volume Mixer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Hardware and Sound. There should the USB sound device show up. If not try right click and click on the separated and deactivated devices option, to show them. Activate the device if it´s now there.
  4. The device itself installs, but when installing the software need to get the sound card's features working, it says it's not plugged in.
    The problem I'm having is that the program for the software isn't finding it.

    Also I've tried manually installing to see if it helps but it still comes up with the error. I thought this would come under "I've tried disabling the automatic driver search and installing".

    Thanks for trying though.
  5. Tried with new driver, comes up with "Unknown Error".. anyone have any ideas?
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